Rahasia Sukses Belajar Bahasa Inggris

Cara belajar speakingAda 7 rahasia atau tips agar sukses dalam belajar bahasa Inggris. Ini adalah pendapat Steve Kaufmann yang saya kutip dari www.celebratelanguages.com

Ini dia..

1.  Spend the necessary time everyday! Really!

The first, and perhaps the most important
secret to successful language-learning, is to
spend enough, real quality time with the
language, (i.e. listening to music, watching
tv, speaking to natives, regularly) in order to
make progress in the language.

2.  Do what you like (or love) to do!

We can choose what to do, which activities
to do, and what materials or tools to learn
with and from. Make sure you choose things
that YOU like! This will make a big, real BIG
difference in YOUR learning & progress.

3.  Notice what’s happening in the language!

What is the difference between a successful
language-learner from a 
language learner? It is often the ability to
pay attention & notice what is happening in
the language. Being an observant learner

4.  Focus on vocabulary, rather than on grammar!

The main task of language learning is to learn
words, in the context of interesting content,
and in the context of phrases. We need lots of
vocabulary to communicate effectively on a
variety of subjects. If we have the vocabulary,
(the words), the grammar will come.
5.  Be very patient (with your learning & yourself)!

It is easy to get frustrated when learning, but
avoid negative feelings. You’ll gradually
improve, with continued effort. It’s normal to
forget, stumble, not understand, and to make
mistakes. The brain learns, but with enough
exposure, and it learns slowly. Be patient!
6.  Get the right tools (and materials) for success!

To succeed in language learning you are
going to have to spend a lot of time. You
had better equip yourself with the tools you
need for success. And not just any tool,
but the RIGHT tools!
7.  Become an Independent Language-Learner!

Above all other tasks, the most important
part of language learning is becoming an
independent learner. Taking hold of your
learning is the key to being successful in
learning a foreign language.


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