Personal Life (IELSP ESSAY)

I am a calm person and also a humorist who likes to have discussion and to share what I know and what I comprehend about everything. I am a mixing of phlegmatist and sanguinist. At least that’s what it can be said about me based on psychological test and also based on my point of view. I tend to avoid debate and love peace. If I have to debate or oppose a thought that I don’t agree, I usually write my opinion in an article, usually in Social Media like Facebook or in a blog ( For example, recently I made an article about my thought that I have a reason why I hate the activity of burning out the rubbish, particularly in the home yard. The common rubish that I concerned in that article is leaves. I often see most people always burn the leaves in their home yard. Even most of my friends or my family always do it. I was very disturbed with the smoke. I used to have an asthma. From my disturbing of the smoke, then I tried to find a scientific reason why it must be stopped. I found that apperently it is also a problem in America. This activity can cause dangerous pollution which can threaten people’s health. Regarding the burning out of leaves, I offered the solution for them that the leaves must not be burned. But they should collect it and discard them in a rubish bin. Let them managed by those who are in charge in managing rubish in a city. That is my opinion briefly.

My personal life, I assume, can be described with these words, that is, teaching and training, entrepreneurship and marketing, sports, music, and traveling. Regarding teaching and training, there will be some aspects which can be discussed, they are teaching and learning, personal development, publick speaking, hypnosis, psychology, and leadership. They all are the things that I love to learn since I was a student in university. I started to like it when I first often experienced some trainings in campus or in another place that the information I got in campus. I realized that giving something which can make people improved, motivated, inspired and can be a better people is a cool and a noble profession. From that I started to like reading any book about teaching and learning, personal development, public speaking, hypnosis, psychology, leadership and the others that are still related to them. I learned about them from seminar and training that I attended; I learned from the book ; I learned from some articles I found in website; and I learned from videos. That’s why when I first taught in a Program Pengalaman Mahasiswa (PPL) as a teaching practice for student in Teacher Training and Education Faculty Sriwijaya University, I really enjoyed it because surely it is one of my passions.

Besides, I also like entrepreneurship and marketing. I was inspired to learn more about it from the book I read when I was a freshman. I was awared that I apperently was a lucky student. There is no significant difficulty for me to pay my study tuition and fulfill my needs because my father, eventhough only a pensioner of civil servant, is still able to provide me some money for my needs. I can perceive from his deeds that he always doesn’t want me to feel that my family is lacking of money to fulfill every needs and wants. I never feel that I am a poor person, but I have to experience how to effort so as to get some money. I have become a Gorengan seller in my campus, in Mushola FKIP Unsri. I sold credit for mobile phone. I sold Outdoor gear. I sold wallet. I sold clothes. I sold everything which can be sold. I did not only learn about the activity of offering a product to someone merely, but more of it I also learnt the marketing where it is not only about promotion or offering, but it comprises everything that can make customers love our product and are willing to ask other people to use our product. The first marketing expert that I know is Hermawan Kertajaya. I knew him from his serial book Marketing Plus. Here was the first time I know about marketing mix, positioning, value added, etc.To be honest, I got mixed up and got headache when I first read his book. I was dark in marketing. But now, more or less I know about marketing. Alhamdulillah there are places for me to apply marketing theory. Now I work in Sang Bintang School as an English instructor where every staffs in there must be responsible with the marketing of the school, let alone I will be mapped by the Grand Master who manage the Human and Resource Development affair to be a grand master too that will be responsible in Southern Sumatera. I have to master marketing more deeply. And also in this year my friends and I together have established an educational center (bimbingan belajar) that the fund is helped by Lembaga Pengabdian Masyarakat (LPM) Unsri. We named it “Sriwijaya Education Center”. We have opened the first class where the participants are about twenty people. We hope that in days to become our Bimbel will develop to be a well-known and bona fide bimbel as a bimbel which has given a good contribution for education.

Regarding entrepreneurship, I have a nice experience that is worth to be told. One day, I got a brochure that offered an entrepreneurship training namely Entrepreneur Camp that costed 3.200.000 for students and 4.200.000 for everyone except students. When I first saw it, I was rather apathetic. I thought that it was so expensive for me. I didn’t have money that much. Time goes by. One day, I met my friend, my junior in English Education that had quit from English Education in his business outlet-Kripik Potato Krezz . He showed me the same brochure that I said before. We had a discussion about entreprenuership. Finally, I made up my mind. I thought that I must attend that training. From that day, I tried to find the way so that I can attend that expensive training. I asked the committee of the training about the training (the fee, ect). In that talk, finally I decided to register. I said that I will pay the down payment. I had reason to believe that I could effort it. I called some friends, my family and other collegues to lend me some money. I always prayed in my prayer so as to be allowed to be the participant of the training. My mind and heart always focused on the objective I want to get. I applied the way of Quantum Ikhlas (Erbe Sentanu’s book) in which as we want something, we have to visualize our vision in our mind clearly. We have to try to feel that we have succeded in reaching our vision in our mind. Then we say alhamdulillah for the sake of our gratitude to Allah as if we have reached our objective already. Finally we have to be Ikhlas and ready if only we don’t get what we want yet. Three days before the training, I didn’t get a sign that Allah will help me. Finally, I told the committee that I canceled my registration.

Knowing that I finally failed to be a participant of the training, one day in the afternoon (about 5 pm) before the training I left hometown to Lahat that takes 5 hours from Palembang. At about 9 pm, I arrived to Lahat. No sooner had I arrived and took arrest, a comitee (I know him well) told me that he would help me to pay the fee. At that time I only had Rp700.000. He asked me to complete my money Rp1000.000 and he would pay the rest. Due to the fact that the training would be held tommorow afternoon, then I had to return to Palembang in that night, no sooner had I arrived to Lahat. Finally, I got what I want. It is the power of positive thinking and feeling, ikhlas as said in Quantum Ikhlas book (Erbe Sentanu) and Secret book (Rhonda Byrne). Thank you Allah!

One more thing, about positive thinking and feeling is that when I write this, it is ramadhan. It is my good opportunity to request my colleagues and my family to pray for me so as to be allowed to be a participant of this program. As a Moslem, I believe that the Ramadhan is the best opportunity to propose what we want. Because Allah has said through the Prophet of Mohammad saw that the prayer of those who are fasting is Mustajab (easy to be accepted). I use this good opportunity. I send it, the request to many especially to my mother because I know that mother’s prayer is super mustajab. That is why we should not let her down and make her angry. If we are cursed (prayed) by her, we might become what she curses then. I don’t want to be a modern Malin Kundang. They reply it with a hope and spirit. It is my way to appear my spirit. Winning this program, perhaps, is not everything. But I think the spirit of winning this or winning everything is the most important. We are all great people however, winning this or not. I believe that there is no need to compete in this great world. Everything is available. We are different and unique. And with everything available in this world and with the uniqueness that we have, we race to do the best. No need to mind wheter we are the first winner or the runner up. I myself often experience failure. I have applied to be an English teacher two times and I failed. I have two times apply to join schollarship, the first is PCMI (Purnacaraka Muda Indonesia) schollarship and the second is IELSP 2009. I failed both of them. I always think or affirm in my mind “I can make contribution with or without that schollarship or that profession”. And finally, now I am an English instructor in a school/course without applying before. I was offered by the manager of the school to be an English instructor there. It was my pleasure. But it doesn’t mean that I am arrogant. Because of their appreciation and also the vision of the school, I always try to do my best to realize the vision of the school. I also have established an educational center (lembaga bimbingan belajar). I even have interviewed the candidate of the teacher in our educational center who has graduated from university while I am still a student in my university. Our life is too wonderful to be condemned and complained. If we condemn, It means that we are a fool. Dale Carnegie said in his book How to Influence People and Win Friends that any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain- and most fools do. We also have to be optimistic eventhough our capability is not really good in fact. I am recalled a quote of Antonio Gramsci from Italia. He said “I am pesimistic because of my capability/intellegence, but I am optimistic because of my hope and aspiration.” Indeed, (a truly) hope and confidence can bring us to successfulness.

Another thing that I love is sports. I have many achievement and am good at sports since I was in elementary school. In elementary school, I was a vollyball player in my school vollyball team. In junior high school, I was a football, basketball, and vollyball player in my scchool sports team. At the time, I was a coordinator of sports department in OSIS. I also was a football player in my regency, Lahat at the time. I was happy to represent my regency and my school as a player of Lahat football club, though we didn’t get the champion. I felt that this time was my victorious time in which I have actualized my potention wholly either in sports or in academic. But my action does not stop here. In Senior High School was all the same. I was a player in some kinds of sports and also a coordinator of sports department in OSIS. Besides, I also joint some basketball competitions with my basketball club either three on three competition or regular basketball competition. I have always like sports until now.

Lately I read a book that made me feel so lucky related to my hobby to take exercise. The title of the book is The Brain Rules where the author is Dr. Jhon Medina, a Professor and a Director of Brain Center for Applied Learning Research in Seatle Pacific University. He said in his book that there are twelves rules of the brain. One of them is that taking exercise makes brain’s capability soar. The reason is that taking exercise helps the mecanism of blood current to the brain. It also helps in draining glucose for energy and oxigen to absorb toxic electron in our body. Another important thing is that taking exercise stimulates protein which makes neuron (in our brain) still connected. It is really good news for me, a sports doer. It makes me more excited to take exercise. I think you are the same, right?

Music is another passion of mine. I can not imagine how could my life be if there is no music. I listen to music everytime. The uniqueness of me in music is that I tend to love every genre of music based on the arrengement of each song. I can not say if someone ask me about what kind of music I most like. I only answer that I love every kind of music. I love pop, rock, dangdut, traditional song, instrumental song, whatever. I love evergreen song such as Ouf of Nothing at All-Air Supply, Unchained Melody (I don’t know the singer), Obladi Oblada (The Beatles), My Way (Frank Sinatra), It Must Have Been Love (Roxxete), and many others. I love most of old dangdut song such as Rhoma Irama, Asep Irama, and Ike Nurjanah. I love rock such as Dream Theatre, Red Hot Chili Paper, Linkin Park, POD. I love traditional song such as Bubui Bulan (Sundanese) and Cungak’i Bulan (South Sumatera). I love instrumental song such as Enya’s songs. I like every kind of music but I don’t like every song in every kind of music. That’s me.

Listening to music can bring me to the mood that I want to feel. In the morning, when waiting for the sunrise in the roof of my house, I usually play a kind of contemplation song such as Enya’s song (A Day Without Rain), Yanni (Adagio in C Minor), and Kitaro (Heaven and Earth). I believe that this can be enjoyed by those who has good intrapersonal sense (intrapersonal quotient). By listening this music, I can enjoy the feeling of gratitude because music helps me to contemplate, to feel the presence of God, to realize that God has created the universe amazingly. It can make me happier and more grateful in my life. In my religion, seeing his creation is a way to read God signs that God exists. I think every religion also teaches the follower to do this way.

Regarding intrapersonal quotient, as I said before that we need to read God signs, seeing His Greatness by seeing his creation, the nature. Traveling is a part of activity, to me, to feel His Greatness. I love every activity related to traveling comprising hiking, hill walking, and mountaneering. I have an ambition to climb some mountains in Indonesia, especially in Java and Lombok which is famous with Mount Rinjani. To suppport my hobby, actually, in the first term I joint Nature Lover Students Organization (Mapala). I have learnt more about survival technique, environtment advocation, navigation, etc. Unfortunately (I don’t know this is fortune or unfortune), I decided to quit and prefer to choose being active in Islamic organization in my faculty because I considered that it will be bettter for me. Now I feel that this islamic organization has helped me to be what I should be. I didn’t use to pray completely in Five Time (Shalat 5 Waktu) before. After I joint this organization, I transform to the new of Ike Wardhana Efroza, Ike Wardhana Efroza who hates slandering, complaining, comdemning; likes to smile, to pardon, to think positively always, to read Qur’an everyday, to have Shalat together always in Masjid if possible. My recently activity now is working as an English instructor in Sang Bintang School. We have an English program that offers a method called Kampoenk Jenius, an intensive English course for 6 weeks or two month (you can read more about the program in Here I don’t only teach English, transfer my English knowledge, but also, of course, inspire and motivate others to be succesful in their life, to be a person who can explore his or her potention, and love to learn. Here we also often hold some training and seminar. Besides instructor, I am also in charge to pioneer new branches in other cities (I am in charge in Southern Sumatera). Insyaallah, at the end of this year I will go around Southern Sumatera to succed the vision of Sang Bintang School, that is, to realize “Indonesia Jenius 2018” in which there must be 20 cities that hold Kampoenk Jenius program; there must be 100 branches of Klub Jenius and a university of Sang Bintang School; and 1 million of books “Keajaiban Belajar” (it is interesting book and a must read book) must be sold-out. The core of our mission in this school is to create a generation that loves to learn, learning by mind and loves to teach, teaching by heart. It is an utopia ? No, it is a big vision.

I have a wonderful family. I have four brothers, one sister, and of course two beloved parents. My siblings, from the oldest, are Novita Elli Efroza, Adolf Hitler Efroza, Rivolis Efroza, Alexander Efroza, and Olfa Roni Efroza. I myself is Ike Wardhana Efroza. My parents, my father and my mother, are Fahrorozi Daud and Rukni. There is no “Efroza” in their names. Efroza is a creation of my father. He said that it is a combination of Fahrun, Rohim, and Zahin. Fahrun means pride; Rohim means mercy; and Zahin means cleverness. Regardless wheter it is important or not, I am proud to have that name. It is my family identity. Even my two nephews also use Efroza in their name. It becomes such a clan name then like Capulet and Montegue.

Novita Elly Efroza, my oldest sister, has married already. She has one son. She is the richest among other siblings. Her husband works in a oil company, Dowell Schlumberger. He used to work in Duri Riau, but now he works in Iraq. There is a project in there. Actually I was inspired by him. I think he is a succesful man. Before I became a student in university, I thought that I had to be like him. I often saw his photos when he were in abroad, in Canada and America. At that time, I thought that at least I had to have a profession which enable me to go abroad and enable me to have good salary. Then I finally decided to take up English Education as my major in university. At first I never have a will to be a teacher. Time goes by. I finally love this profession. Teaching is a cool profession. We know that Soekarno was a teacher. Anne Sulivan, the great woman behind the extraordinary woman-Hellen Keller was a teacher. Ahmad Dahlan, a founder of Muhammadiyah in Indonesia was a teacher too. Even Japan, a rival of America in Education and technology I think, had started to place teacher as an honourable status in Meiji era. Going abroad or not and having a good salary or not, I am proud to be a teacher. As for his wife, my sister, I want to say that I have learnt more from my sister about life-ambition, especially from the story that she had asked my father to enroll her to an English course but my father did not have any money. She, after graduated from SMA, applied to be a stewardess in Bouraq Airlines. She succeeded.

The next brothers of mine are Adolf Hitler Efroza, Rivolis Efroza, Alexander Efroza and Olfa Roni Efroza. I want to tell about my brother Rivolis Efroza. Now he works in oil company too in Muara Enim, South Sumatera but his job there is not as good as my sister’s husband job. Actually he had just gotten that job this year. He was just a merchant before. He became a mobile phone credit seller after he resigned from his job, an amateur cook in a Hotel in my hometown, Lahat. Besides selling credit for mobile phone, he was also active in a party. He nominated himself to be a legislative member. Eventhough I supported him to be a legislative member, I didn’t support his party. I tend to support another party that I think is better than his party. However we still supported our choice each other.

In my family, indeed, not all of us have the same perception, especially in perceiving religion affair. We sometimes debate each other, especially between my father and I. It can be about politic, fiqih (Islamic jurisprudence), and attitude. Actually I don’t like this. But I am sometimes moved to respond.


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